Throwback on "French Taste" Event

Here's some pics of The French Taste event.

It was a month ago, and i still got goosebumps.

Well, enjoy the event by these pics.

 Lenny MATHE's art:  Custom' tote bag 

 Killian LODDO Dj Set 

▲ Jara EZO live concert 

▲ LalaSaïdKo 's live painting 

▲ P E O P L E

▲ Studio SEBENZA 

 My Muse:  Bertille 

T E A M Cookie

Thanks you so much my Cookies , my People!
For this amazing moment,
WE share a lot of happiness,
 WE were and still are a family 
 I'll never forget it.

See you soon for an other French Taste Event ! 

#Paris #NewYork #FrenchTaste #CookieAnn

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photos: Charlotte Robin 

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